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Steve Argüelles
the drummer as loop generator .| 7 Tracks total 31:17 .| 2nd edition 2007


01 - time is rhythm: 4:31
02 - the insect rhythm of a warm humid night*
03 - brain ripple 4:48
04 - breathing 3:46
05 - the drum in my temple
06 - these are our faithful timekeepers 4:20
07 - and reason corrects the feverish beat**


music by Steve Argüelles / * remixed by Kèëk / ** remixed by Marc Chalosse / John Silverman - db .
the drummer as loop generator. sequencing twisting, distorting and dubbing the beats in a more modern and electronic mode. the set builds to the expansive dubout of the penultimate track `these are our faithful timekeepers' (check it out on the playout vinyl cut on `selection one'), giving way to the surprise dynamics and interplay between kit, electronics and double bass.  
Au delà de la texture linéaire généralement attribuée à la batterie, c’est au contraire son potentiel cellulaire qui est mis au service de répétitions, boucles, recyclages à volonté. La batterie devient sample, le sample devient instrument, tous les coups sont permis pour confondre les doubles rythmiques et faire émerger une physicalité nouvelle, des nuances inattendues.

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